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EVA / Contrib

This is the place that houses the community contributions that do not necessarily conform 100% to the standard EVA defines, but may still be useful in specific applications. This is also a place to share other things like spool holders, test prints, etc. If you have a part or a mod you want to list here, fork the EVA-3D/contrib-extras repository, add your files, and submit a pull request. Anyone is welcome to contribute, in fact, the more the merrier!

How to contribute

Fork this repository and add your stls, an image preview and a page file for presenting your part.

Part descriptions are written in markdown (.md) files.

  • The main page for your part should be in docs/[category]/[your_part_name].md
  • Any assets linked from that page (images, etc) should be in docs/[category]/assets. All files should be prefixed with your part name.
  • The STL(s) should be in docs/[category]/stl. All files should be prefixed with your part name.
  • Take a look at Pawel's Spool Holder for inspiration.

If you're not familiar with Git, reach out to @miklschmidt#2036 on discord, or get help with your submission on the Unofficial Rat Rig Discord Server.

Please note that all contributes are automatically subject to the terms of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Please! Share your candy!