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Mikkel's Cable Chain EVA mount and frame anchor


Created by: Mikkel Schmidt

A cable chain carriage mount and frame anchor for the 10x20 TANCUDER drag chain found on


The EVA carriage mount part replaces the Universal Cable Mount for the EVA Back. You will need 3x M3x10mm and 3 M3 hex nuts for attaching the mount to the EVA back.

You might need another hole pattern for your particular drag chain, if you adapt this design or create a new one, please submit it via pull request! Step files are at the bottom of this page.

Compatible EVA version

1.1 and newer.


No Qty Name Printable
1 5 M3 x 10mm No
1 2 M3 x 25mm No
2 7 M3 Hex nuts No
3 4 M3 Washer No
6 1 2020 Frame Anchor Yes
6 1 EVA Carriage Mount Yes

Follow the general EVA guidelines. At least 2 perimeters and 20% infill at .2mm or .3mm layer height. Find a big flat surface to go against the build plate.

Step Files

2020 Frame Anchor

EVA Carriage Mount