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SuperSniffles' XY Cable Chain Mod


Created by: Supersniffles (@SuperSniffles)

This Mod adds XY cable chain support to the V-Core Pro. Use xy_cable_chain_extruder_mount_std for the original setup with one fan on the back, and xy_cable_chain_extruder_mount if you already use my 5015 dual fan mod.

Dual 5015 Part Fan Mod

Compatible EVA version

2.0.0 → 2.2.1

This mod has only been tested with a BMG setup, but should work with all top mounted extruders.

The xy_cable_chain_back_adxl_opt is for mounting an ADXL in place of the Universal Cable Mount.

The xy_cable_chain_stepper_slider is mounted to the two holes on the top of the extruder mount, and prevents the X chain from getting caught on the carriage.

The xy_cable_chain_extruder_mount(_std) mounts to the bottom hole in the side of the extruder mount and one hole of the MGN top.


No Qty Name Printable
1 ? M3 screws No
2 ? M3 nuts No
3 2 Cable Chain Amazon
4 1 xy_cable_chain_back_adxl_opt Yes
5 1 xy_cable_chain_extruder_mount_std Yes
6 1 xy_cable_chain_extruder_mount Yes
7 1 xy_cable_chain_xy_joiner_hood Yes
8 1 xy_cable_chain_xy_joiner Yes
9 1 xy_cable_chain_stepper_slider Yes

LH = 0.2

Nozzle = 0.4

Supports needed on some parts

Step Files