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Mikkel Schmidt's 7530 Part Fan Mod


Created by: Mikkel Schmidt

This mod replaces the Core XY back with a 7530 fan mount to provide additional cooling capacity over the stock 5015. It uses a wider MGN bottom and monster duct from version 2 of SuperSniffles' Dual 5015 Mod. Only supports MGN12 at this time, but is compatible with supersniffles' mgn12_wide bottom, only the split in the middle might decrease performance a tiny bit. Your mileage may vary.

Alternatively you can use the Occam's duct that i made, which also seem to perform very well, especially for low pressure fans. An extra benefit is that it's much less prone to warping at higher temperatures. In fact i've been using a PLA version without issues at 90 degrees bed temperature.

7530 Fan Mod 7530 Fan Mod

Compatible EVA version

2.0 and newer.


No Qty Name Printable
1 1 M3 hex nut No
1 1 M3 x 35mm No
6 1 7530 EVA Back Yes
6 1 7530 MGN12 Bottom Wide Yes
6 1 SuperSniffles' Monster Duct v2.3 Yes
6 1 Occam's Duct Yes

Follow the general EVA guidelines. At least 2 perimeters and 20% infill at .2mm or .3mm layer height. No supports needed.

Step files

7530 Back