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Easymod mgn12

Created by: EOliveira

An implementation of MGN12 for EasyMod 1.2.1

The XY joiners are a drop in replacement for the official ones.

This will allow you to use your setup with mgn12 in the X axis, mainly reducing the weight of it.



If you are also using MGN12C or MGN12H on the Y axis you'll need the following adapters in place of the original aluminum plates.

You'll need longer M5 screws as these adapters are 3mm thicker than the aluminum part. I recommend printing with more tops/bottoms and higher infill to incease strength.



Compatible EVA versions



No Qty Name Printable
1 1 XY Joinner Right Yes
2 1 XY Joinner Left Yes
3 1 Joinner plateA C or H Yes (mgn12c) / Yes (mgn12h)
4 1 Joinner plateB C or H Yes (mgn12c) / Yes (mgn12h)