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WichuR's Toolboard 1LC Horizontal Mount

Created by: Maciej Raczyński

Allows mounting a Duet Toolboard 1LC v1.1 to the back plate in horizontal position. Alligned to keep within side boundaries of duct horns.


  • Positioned horizontally, above print fan
  • Vertical post for cable strain relief
  • Zip tie holes (2.5mm) for cable management
  • Place to support PTFE tube that helps to guide cables


  • EVA 2.2.0
  • Duet Toolboard 1LC v1.1
  • duet3_toolboard_1lc_common_support Should work also for v1.0
  • Replaces cable fin


  • Attaching Driver0 and IO connectors requires to temporarily unscrew toolboard
  • Use shorter screws to attach board to support
  • Use longer screws to attach lid
No Qty Name Printable
1 2 M3 x 8 mm No
2 2 M3 x 18 mm No
3 4 M3 Hex nuts No
3 10 >2.5mm zip ties (optional) No
8 1 Common Board Support Yes
9 1 Lid for Toolboard 1LC v 1.1(optional) Yes

How to attach incoming cables (CAN, VIN, PTFE tube, nylon sleeve)

cable management 1

Sample cable management from appliances

cable management 2 cable management 3

toolboard 1LC print orientation