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TheMacBoy's DragonFly HIC HF Hotend Mount

Created by: TheMacBoy


This is a DragonFly HIC HF mount for the Phaetus hotend.

DragonFly HIC HF

DragonFly HIC front

DragonFly HIC side

DragonFly HIC side_angle

DragonFly HIC top

DragonFly HIC bottom

Compatible EVA version

2.2.0 - ?


Source OnShape files

DragonFly HIC HF


v1.0 12/05/2021 TheMacBoy Release


No Qty Name Printable
1 1 [Face] eva-2.3-dragonfly-HIC-face.stl Yes
1 1 [Support] eva-2.3-dragonfly-HIC-support.stl Yes

Hardware Required

Standard EVA

To Do

Check if the hotend works at high speeds (+ 200 mm / s), I have currently removed some tolerances on the lower support to avoid vibrations.