EVA conversion kit for BLV MGN Cube

Created by: tetele

Mounting kit for the EVA v2 on the BLV MGN Cube printer.

The standard EVA hotend carriage was designed for printers using 9mm belts with a different orientation than the BLV MGN Cube. This kit provides all the parts needed to use the EVA on the BLV MGN Cube.

No Qty Name Printable
1 1 Modified universal face Yes
2 2 6mm belt grabbers Yes
3 1 Modified CoreXY back Yes
4 1 6mm belt tensioner (left) Yes
5 1 6mm belt tensioner (right) Yes
6 1 End stop microswitch mount Yes

The kit only supports hotends and extruders that are compatible with the original universal face (e.g. not the Titan Aero, which has a dedicated face). It also only supports 6mm timing belts.

Thingiverse link

If you want to remix things, the STEP files are here.

EVA BLV MGN Cube conversion kit