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Boont's Ender 5/5+ Mod

Created by: Boont


This is a modification of the universal faceplace v2.2 for Ender5 family printers. It shifts the beltgrabber slots central to the 2020 extrusion on a Ender 5 printer modified with MGN12H linear rail mounted on top.


Compatible EVA version

2.1.0 -> 2.2.X


v1.0 03/03/2021 Boont Release v1.1 19/04/2021 FlatESIAN back plate added

This replaces the universal_face

This works in conjunction with a flattened backplate to preserve rear space on an Ender 5, however blocks the use of the vertical cable guide. The Ender 5 Plus may use the standard corexy backplate if you wish to use the cable guide.


No Qty Name Printable
1 1 eva-2.2-ender-5-universal-face Yes
1 1 eva-2.2-ender-5-flat-back Yes

Additional files required

Get the belt grabbers from the original EVA 2.2 stls.

To Do

Modify the vertical cable guide stalk to clear the flatESIAN back