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EVA conversion kit for the MaybeCube

Created by: Martin Budden


Adaptors to allow the EVA printheads to be used on the MaybeCube 3D printer.

Since the belt spacing used by the EVA system is different to that used by the MaybeCube, adaptors are required: an adaptor for the EVA top part and an adaptor for the EVA bottom part.

The bottom adaptor is EVA_MC_bottom_mgn12_short_duct.stl.

The top adaptor varies according to the extruder used - the part name is the same as the EVA part, but prefixed by EVA_MC_. So for example if you wanted to used the Bondtech BMG extruder then you should use part EVA_MC_bmg_mgn12.stl (rather than part bmg_mgn12.stl that you would ordinarily use).

Once you have installed the top and bottom adaptors, you can use all other EVA parts in the normal way.

The photos show an EVA printhead with adaptors for the Bondtech BMG extruder.



MC EVA BMG assembled

MC EVA BMG assembly

In the pictures the adaptors are shown in blue, standard EVA parts are shown in green and black, and MaybeCube parts are shown in red or orange.

Assembly instructions are on github.

Thingiverse link

Compatible EVA version



No Qty Name Printable
1 1 MC bottom adaptor Yes
2 . MC top Bondtech BMG adaptor Yes
3 . MC top Bondtech LGX adaptor Yes
4 . MC top Bowden adaptor Yes
5 . MC top Orbiter adaptor Yes
6 . MC top E3D Titan adaptor Yes
7 8 M3 caphead bolt x 10mm No

Note that the bolts self-tap into adaptor parts. Standard EVA parts and MaybeCube parts are not shown in the BOM.

The E3D Hemera and E3D Aero extruders are not currently supported.